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In 2008, I started my blog, Timeless Things. I had never heard of Blogger before but my sister Laurie, who lives in central Alaska, had started her own blog the year before. She suggested that I should start blogging along with her and I came to agree with her, that it would be a great way for us to keep ties. We did talk quite a bit on the phone but it became easier for my sister to communicate with her blog as she had two young daughters at that time and couldn't stay on the phone for too long. The girls never let Laurie talk as they were always up to their antics. I can say with truthfulness that my other sister Cyndi's children did the same thing to her when she was on the phone. We took to blogging like duck to water.

I've always been a lover of vintage things. Clothing, jewelry, textiles, decor and papery. I would have to say that there is no specific decade that is my ultimate favorite but lean towards things from the 50's era. Because of that love, I started sharing my vintage thrift store finds on my blog. I wanted to keep it strictly to my shopping excursions to thrift shops, flea markets and antique malls but occasionally I did share snippets of my personal life. Those remains are now deposited in my Timeless Me blog as I wanted to start anew with Timeless Things. 

I will focus on my thrift store shopping, flea market hunting and antique mall shops to show readers of the treasures I have found and will re-purpose (in some cases, not all) furniture pieces to new life. I have an adoration to mid-century decor but I also have a passion for the shabby chic/cottage decor. My home has a definite mix of many styles and it all melds together quite nicely. If I see a particular piece of decor or furniture, I try to envision it in my home. If it needs work, then I definitely put my mind to work and immediately jot down what color it should be and anything about it that needs some tweaking. It really is a lot of fun figuring out how a particular piece will turn out.

The way I thrift store shop is done in a very structured manner. I make the rounds of my home and determine if a space is needing something special, something dynamic. I make a list of items needed:
Shelves for an empty wall
A bookcase for my study
A rug for placing underneath some new/old chairs I just painted
Large decor for any empty spaces on my walls. I have a very high ceiling in my foyer and lots of empty wall space above the front door and a half wall that is above the staircase. 

I always manage to find any needed items if I really stick to my list. Typically, after I've acquired my necessities, I look for things that tickle me pink!

My advice is always the same: "Thrift store shopping is a thrill because you know upon sight, when a painting, book ends or an end table is going to work for you and your home. Take it, don't leave it behind."

I hope I can inspire you with my finds and how I use them in my home. Everything should have a purpose. I use my fancy plates, vintage dish towels and napkins. I also have an extensive collection of vintage aprons which get used. I don't use them as decor but as something functional that I need use of. Plus, I look smashing in a pink tulle apron from the 50's!

Have fun and thrift away!


My old headers for Timeless Things. I couldn't afford to pay to have one made so I always relied on Fotoflexer and Picnik (now Ribbet) and made them myself.

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