Bluebonnet Sonnet Photography

Welcome to Bluebonnet Sonnet Photography - Website coming soon.

Started in 2014, I took my passion for nature and landscape photography and created Bluebonnet Sonnet Photography. I love being with nature and photographing landscapes, flora and fauna. I also have a passion for black and white photography. 

In early 2015, I started photographing kinder kids outdoors and it has become a fun and a great learning experience for me. Acquiring props for children's portraiture is extra fun as I find many items at my local thrift stores.

Living in Minnesota, I have access to the Red River of the North and the Grand Marais Creek which is a very long tributary which feeds back into the Red River. We have many beautiful woodland parks in my little piece of Mayberry U.S.A. Lake Itasca is one of my favorite spots to photograph and it is here, where Old Man River starts it's journey down to the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi river starts at Lake Itasca and we frequently visit The Headwaters area. The largest red pine is in the state park area and was struck by lightning several years ago. It is approximately 120 ft. high with a circumference of 115 inches. Before it was struck, it had a crown head of 36 ft. Very impressive. It is also estimated to be over 300 years old.

As I learn more about photography, I'm sure that my eye will start being trained to capture the right photograph. 

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