Welcome to Timeless Things! I'm Deanna, the author of this blog. 
I was born a and raised in Texas and am now a Minnesotan by choice. I am loving this change in this particular season of my life. I am doing all the things I've always wanted to do. Being a stay at home wife has allowed me to dip my feet into things that I never had a chance to do before. Living several blocks away from the Red River of the North, I enjoy brisk walks and bird watching in summer, snowshoeing in winter and kayaking in spring and photographing the trees at The Greenway during fall. 

Having worked in Human Resources prior to moving here, I was definitely looking to put all that behind me and start living my life for pure enjoyment. I am very fortunate and grateful to Dwain for encouraging me to always be brave and to take my swing higher than it's ever gone before. He is truly the reason I decided to return to blogging. He has also encouraged my love of photography and bought me my first ever professional camera and doo-dads. I am learning as quickly as I can because there is so much that I still have to learn about taking photos. 

I am definitely in a happy place today and I'm sure will remain so for the rest of my life. It's hard being away from our families in Texas, where all the people that we love and love us back live but we are both content with our lives here until we get an itch to move back home to Tejas!

- Deanna

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