Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Days and Sidewalk Chalk

 For the past three days, Dwain and I have had three little guests in our home. We had a girl who is ten, and her two little brothers who are six and three. Not ever having the honor of being a mother and always wishing that I could have been one, I was definitely looking forward to having children in my home. I wouldn't say my life without children has been drab and colorless but definitely and most obviously, I've missed out in having little arms hug my tummy and having them bury their heads in my neck and seek out that little nook of safety. 

Well, that is exactly what happened. They sought me out and were stuck to me like little chickens to their mother hen. I noticed that the little ones were very eager to learn new rules although they did falter a couple of times. Things like screaming at the top of your lungs is not acceptable at Casita de las Campanas (little house of the bells.) Also, leaving snack bags on the floor is frowned upon as is leaving drinking cups where they can be kicked over and have their contents spilling out through the plastic straws. Children can absorb information like a sponge because I noticed that they both picked up on the behavioral corrections that were required at my home. I rewarded them and gave them attention and love because they genuinely wanted to please me. Rewards? Little sandwich bags full of grapes and two pieces of Pez candy. Thank goodness for Pez!

Their big sissy is so adorable and she and I bond very well. I love her very much and I will happily admit that I love to spoil her. She is my buddy and get this; She loves to thrift shop! She is a tiny pixie child and incredibly beautiful. She is very artistic and a very bright child. I get stopped by people to ask if she is my daughter and if she is modeling or in commercials. I say "no" to all questions and let them know that her mother would never allow her to go down the path of fame. I agree with her mother. Piper loves everything Rainbow Dash and we both look for clothing or purses with anything that's got a rainbow. I think this child's love of rainbows says a lot about her character. She is a very happy young lady and she is a little mama to her little brothers. They both look up to Piper and try to please her in the same way they seek out to please their mother. She is spending an extra night with Dwain and I. Her brothers left yesterday and I miss their voices, footsteps and the sound of my refrigerator being constantly opened and making the chimes go off. I smile in misty-eyed remembrance even though it was just yesterday that the boys left with their parents.

The day before yesterday, the kids and I went outside to the back yard to play. They love electronic devices and even the little one likes playing Lego Jr on the tablet. To get them away from that, we went into the garage and I took down a container of sidewalk chalk and a large bag of colorful balls for them to throw around. Piper drew my name on the patio concrete and the boys drew "lines" all over the patio in bright colors. They happily climbed the crabapple tree, we got creative and used large tree branches as walking canes and then rolled and tossed the balls to each other. We hopped, skipped and jumped. They tried to catch our bunny Maxima but she was too fast and hippity-hopped herself over to the peony bushes to hide. The kids proudly showed me that they could do somersaults and cartwheels. Afterwards, when we were needing a bit of rest, we all lay on the grass and Piper, who popped right back up, ran over near the fence and brought us each a dandelion. They made their wishes and blew. As I watched the little white florets fly above us, I hoped with a mother's heart that all their wishes would come true. I blew on my dandelion but I didn't make a wish. It had already come true. I glanced over at "my kids" and they all ran into my arms. For once I knew what it was like to be a mother and suddenly life was a bit more colorful.


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi Deanna, so excited to see you back again in our old fun world.. As usual, your blog is so entertaining.. Love to see more..

Deanna said...

Thank you Loida! It was you who really encouraged me to come back. It definitely was a bit difficult looking back at all the posts from back in the day and as I was placing them all on the Timeless Me blog, I did shed a tear or two.