Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Children In Books, The Children In My Home

 Last week, I posted that I had bought some school primer books at a yard sale in a picturesque little town called Shevlin. I don't know why but I truly adore these books! I read them from cover to cover. It must be the art work inside. Innocent children playing, speaking cordially to one another, girls baking with their mothers. I am lucky that I got to partake in these timeless moments in my childhood. I actually studied the book, More Than Words, in elementary so I vividly remember the book and the stories inside. The other four books were way before my time but the art inside is incredibly beautiful. Children are rampant with manners, not such a lost art but harder to come by these days.

This past weekend, I again took care of Piper and her two brothers. It was a bit hectic since Dwain and I just adopted Ella, our new dog. Ella was in pain and recovering from her spaying procedure. We tried really hard to make a stressful situation for her be as calm as possible. We had picked Ella up on Saturday and due to an emergency, the kids had to stay the weekend with us. The kids and I colored, sang songs and we ate meals together at the table. We talked about everything that popped into their cute little heads. They are all adorable and I love when they use their imaginations. We love to color but I can't draw worth a flip! Piper used my decorative edged craft scissors and made a some beautiful snowflakes and hearts for my refrigerator. 

I decided to draw a beach scene for Dwain. It's still summer and even though I am ready for fall to come, I drew a sail boat drifting along the sea shore. Ahh, the lazy days of summer are almost coming to a close. I'll take them all with a side of kids, a dog and a box crayolas. Heaven.


bj said...

Adorable little books...I just bought daughter and DIL adult coloring books at Barnes and Noble to go in their Christmas pkgs. We all love to color...so relaxing.
I'm not near ready to turn loose of summer just yet...but I can feel Fall in the air early mornings and late evenings....

Laurie Ritchey said...

Deanna, I also love the graphics in these books. These are from my era. I read books just like these when I was in school. I also have a small collection of them, and I love reading them with my grandchildren. Sounds like a time with the kids.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love how you ended your post---I know the kids are very special to you and I love that you give so much of yourself to them. Your picture is really good--you have an artist living inside you! :)

Jane x