Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gold, Gold, Gold!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, Dwain and I drove across the Sorlie Bridge and went to the St. Joseph's thrift store in Grand Forks. I was looking for a utensil holder. I previously had a nice plastic one that was tall enough to fit my spatulas, my favorite big knife, slotted spoons, tall wooden spoons, potato masher etc..
I've had the stainless steel kind but I never liked it. My kitchen is decorated in vintage shabby style so I wanted something other than one of those types of utensil holders. St. Joseph's has one of the largest kitchen sections I've ever seen in a thrift shop so I knew that I would find something to our liking.

 I always take peek in the spoon and fork section because I always find the cutest little spoons. I use them for various things and I recently visited one of the blogs that I follow and she used hers for little salt bowls so she can just grab a small spoonful of salt while she's cooking. I do that as well so when I saw these cute gold spoons, I had to have them. They cleaned up nicely and look great.

 My love for fake gold (I like to call it "ghetto gold") jewelry, knows no bounds. I grab the beautiful pieces they have, be it bracelets, necklaces or earrings. I never leave empty handed from a thrift store without some piece of lovely jewelry. I found these beautiful leaf motif clip-on earrings. Did you see the price? I grabbed them off the rack because another lady was admiring them. I've already worn them today! Dwain and I took our new dog Ella, to the vet this morning to have her stitches (she was spayed) removed and mommy had to look nice!

 When I saw this beautiful gold heart locket, I knew that I had to have it. I can't wait to put a picture of Dwain and Ella in there! You can't beat that price!

 I have many pendants, hearts, diamond, turquoise with crystals but never enough gold chains to hang them from. I saw this lovely piece and fell in love with the clasp. I used to design jewelry many years ago and I still have gold and sterling silver split rings and bails for when I find a piece of jewelry that needs a bit of repair. I cannot wait to put one of my diamond pendants on this necklace.

 More gold? Yes indeed! This is what I am now using as my utensil holder. When Dwain and I saw it, we immediately said in unison, "My family used to have that very same gold pitcher!" It is very heavy glass with bubble orbs all around it. I'm not sure who the maker is but I know that you too, have probably seen these in your lifetime! We paid $5.00 for it and I love it!

Both Dwain and I admired the public life of Diana, Princess of Wales and when Dwain was stationed in the Air Force near Sandringham House, he was able to see the Royals during their Christmas visit to the estate. Since the anniversary of her death occurred five days ago, I thought it would be sweet to have this bracelet with the nickname the press gave her, "Shy Di." When I first saw it though, my first instinct was to snip off the 'i' with the little rhinestone  and leave the 'D' since it is my initial but no, I couldn't do it in the end. It's perfect they way it is.

Well, that was my shopping haul for this weekend! Hopefully I can make a good shopping visit sometime next week. I am wanting to find some vintage embroidered pillow cases for my guest room. Wish me luck!


RachelD said...

How lovely to have you drop in at Lawn Tea, and so glad to have "brighted" you with the little poem!

We're just about to have a few friends over to have a look at our new pink kitchen---several months in the finishing, and a lifetime wish, since yea these many years ago when I painted the walls of my dollhouse kitchen in the dead of night with my Mother's bottle of pink Cutex.

I'm almost through arranging things---found marvelous buys on-line for fancy pink shelf liners (I just LOVE that stuff which looks like soft rubbery net, and cushions your upturned glasses so snugly and safely, and found the most delightful shade of PINK, of which I bought ten rolls---you never know when they'll stop making a product you like). I'm using my former "holder"---a lovely clear glass cylinder with pale wooden circles top and bottom to keep it from harm for the tall things like turners and long tongs and spatulas, and the longest of my best knives (in sheaths), and the smaller, shorter items go in an old Hall pitcher, perhaps 7" tall, of that old forties pottery in a deep plum.

I DID cut neat circles of the pink liner to go in the bottom of each, just for safety when sliding things into place, and would recommend something in the gold color scheme---even yellow cloth, cut to fit, for the bottom of that gorgeous pitcher. I know it means a lot to you, and will last a lifetime.

Lovely to have you visit, and I hope you'll drop in often!


bj said...

Hi, nice to hear from you. Thanks for coming by. Just the other day I was wondering how your eyes are doing.
I love all your finds at the thrift store. Nothing more fun that finding things you really love.

bj said...

Hi, nice to hear from you. Thanks for coming by. Just the other day I was wondering how your eyes are doing.
I love all your finds at the thrift store. Nothing more fun that finding things you really love.

Unknown said...

How fun! A lovely collection indeed. And it brought back fun mysteries to my high school years when I was in a play all about gold silverware. :) Thanks for a lovely visit via Pink Saturday.

Kaye Swain

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Deanna you always find the prettiest things when you go thrifting! All this gold was sold at such fabulous prices.

Tara said...

Looks like you found some treasures! Thrifting is just the best! It is nice to hear from you. I have been missing the group of ladies I started blogging with too. There used to be about 20 that I really kept up with and now most of them are no longer blogging. I am ashamed to say I sometimes stay away from mine for months, every time I think I will get it going again I just lose steam somehow. I hope all is well with you and have a terrific Monday!~Sares

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